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About Us

Our Story

Natural Felicity is a family-owned company with the purpose of helping people find natural alternatives to aid in achieving a more blissful state both mentally and physically. Started by a Husband and Wife team from a working-class family that is committed to living a healthy lifestyle.


Over the past few years, we have turned to more natural methods of managing pain, anxiety, mental focus, and getting quality sleep. We went out on a mission to find healthy alternatives to pharmaceutical medication at an affordable cost. After a few years of searching to find honest and trustworthy sources of quality cannabidiol (CBD) products coupled with many hours researching and testing the most effective use of CBD, we feel that we can bring some comforting experience, knowledge, and great products to the growing community of CBD consumers. Furthermore, our personal desire to only consume high quality, safe, effective CBD products have put us in contact with a few very trustworthy CBD producers which gives us the ability to confidently recommend and distribute only high-quality CBD.

How we do it

At the very beginning of this journey, we promised ourselves that we would not distribute a product if we did not have a personal relationship with the supplier to safeguard our friends and community while also allowing us the ability to better negotiate competitive price points for our customers. We personally test all products and we investigate and build relationships with all Natural Felicity partners.

How will our service improve your life?

Delivering easily accessible knowledge and experience to facilitate your unique and individual journey with cannabinoid use.  Our goal at Natural Felicity is to make available the natural solutions we have found for our needs that could possibly help with your health and wellness needs. This personalized service is key to developing a plan that is most effective for you. This approach has allowed Natural Felicity customers to experience an extraordinary level of comfort when working with us through the buying process


Delivering reliable, consistent and trustworthy products with the utmost privacy and respect

Angela & Michael DiCenso

After a long and challenging personal health journey, we are ready to help you find the most effective individual or combination of CBD products.